William Martin, Conductor


Alayna Bergeron Mulberry Flute 1
Melanie Babin Lacache Middle Flute 2
Leia Carlino Caldwell Flute 3
Jamie Guidry Lacache Middle Flute 4
Courtney Falgout Bayou Blue Middle Flute 5
Gabrielle Caudill Lockport Flute 6
Camryn Mikesell JB Martin Flute 7
Caitlyn Boudreaux Lacache Middle Flute 8
Whitney Applewhite Mulberry Flute 9
Ebube Maidoh Mulberry Oboe 1
Devin Brown Evergreen Jr. High Oboe 2
Sarah Comeaux Lockport Clarinet 1
Lexie Pellegrin Lacache Clarinet 2
Jessica Galey St. Joseph Clarinet 3
Amber Boudreaux Lacache Clarinet 4
Laney Lee Lockport Clarinet 5
Kayla Hebert Mulberry Clarinet 6
Marissa Davis Morgan City Jr. High Clarinet 7
Haley Aucoin Lacache Middle Clarinet 8
Destiny Catchings Berwick Jr. High Clarinet 9
Christopher Gros Morgan City Jr. High Clarinet 10
Shelby Houghton Patterson JH Clarinet 11
Michayla Navarre Larose Upper Elem. Clarinet 12
Victoria Ostrowski Harry M Hurst Middle Clarinet 13
Madelyn Gros Berwick Jr. High Clarinet 14
Olivia Kraemer Berwick Jr. High Clarinet 15
Lauren Rink Sixth Ward Clarinet 16
Jena Taylor West Thibodaux Bass Clarinet 1
Madison Ard Montegut Middle Bass Clarinet 2
Abigail Trahan Montegut Middle Bass Clarinet 3
Tori Toups Morgan City Jr. High Bass Clarinet 4
Jessica Rousse Golden Meadow Middle Contra Bass 1
Nicollette Cash Vandebilt Catholic Alto Sax 1
Sadeah Walfe West Thibodaux Alto Sax 2
Clint Rogers Dularge Alto Sax 3
Parker Dardar Raceland Middle Alto Sax 4
Michael Martin Berwick Jr. High Tenor Sax 1
Cieralyn Callais LCO Middle Tenor Sax 2
Immanuel Schmidt Shoeffner Elem. Bari Sax 1
Ben Daily Mulberry Bari Sax 2
Jonathan Moore Bayou Blue Middle Trumpet 1
Brandon Hebert West Thibodaux Trumpet 2
Thomas Dardar Mulberry Trumpet 3
Riley Cortez Sixth Ward Trumpet 4
Jacob Vedros Bayou Blue Middle Trumpet 5
Seth Schaubhut Raceland Middle Trumpet 6
Toby Nettles Golden Meadow Middle Trumpet 7
Brandon Wood RJ Vial Elementary Trumpet 8
Ross Boudreaux Lockport Trumpet 9
Shelby Phelps West Thibodaux Trumpet 10
Kelci Lyons Lacache Trumpet 11
Jacob Clement East Thibodaux Trumpet 12
Adeline Martin Lacache Middle French Horn 1
Alyssa Arabie Raceland Middle French Horn 2
Skylar Dardar Raceland Middle French Horn 3
Maya Billiot Lisa Park French Horn 4
Harley Trahan Grand Caillou Elem. French Horn 5
Rae Thibodaux West Thibodaux French Horn 6
Erica Benoit West Thibodaux Trombone 1
Nina Bergeron Lacache Middle Trombone 2
Luke Cheramie JB Martin Trombone 3
Andrew Benoit East Thibodaux Trombone 4
Cole Thibodaux Bayou Blue Middle Trombone 5
Maci Garrett Lockport Trombone 6
Bailey Cheramie Golden Meadow Middle Trombone 7
Dade Crout West Thibodaux Trombone 8
Jaylon Johnson Patterson JH Trombone 9
Caitlyn Rodrigue Sixth Ward Baritone 1
Avery Wilson Golden Meadow Middle Baritone 2
Caitlyn Harris West Thibodaux Baritone 3
Cade Miguez JB Martin Baritone 4
Justin Leblanc Evergreen Jr. High Tuba 1
Ayden DeJean Harry M Hurst Middle Tuba 2
Christopher Prest LCO Middle Tuba 3
Dyami Mitch Greenwood Tuba 4
Courtney Clark East Thibodaux Percussion 1
Autumn Andras Lockport Percussion 2
Joel Belanger Bayou Blue Middle Percussion 3
Trace Townsend Bayou Blue Middle Percussion 4
Brandon Allemand Lockport Percussion 5
Landon Wooldridge West Thibodaux Percussion 6
Zachery Boudreaux West Thibodaux Percussion 7
Gage Sonnier Bayou Blue Middle Percussion 8

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